Thin Film RF Inductors

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The Magna range of Thin Film Inductors includes 0201, 0402 and 0603 sizes.

Thin film inductors offer high SRF values together with tight tolerance down to 0.1nH/1%.

With inductance values ranging from 0.2nH to 100nH this range is ideal for applications including pagers, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, GPS etc.

Sample kits and lab kits will soon be available. Please contact our sales department at sales@magnafrequency with your requirements.

Magna keep extensive stocks of standard products both in the UK and in China for immediate delivery.

Thin Film RF Inductors

Image Type Range Size Current Range Features New* PDF
FC0201   1nH~10nH 0.14A - 4.5A Tight tolerance to ±1% Yes PDF
FC0402   0.2nH~33nH 0.05A - 10A Tight tolerance to ±1% Yes PDF
FC0603   1nH~100nH 0.47A - 19.2A Tight tolerance to ±1% Yes PDF

New* = Recommended for new design

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