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Magna Frequency Components offer the most extensive range of RF wound components available from a single source.

Our range of through hole inductors includes axial, radial, open type (spring coils), moulded adjustable and I.F. and oscillator coils.

SMD inductors include both ceramic and ferrite cores from 0402 size including low profile, high Q and high current types

Magna keep extensive stocks of standard products both in the UK and in China for immediate delivery. We also offer custom designs for specific applications.

Sample kits and lab kits are now available for most of the product range.

Click on a tab to see a short-form of each range of products. PDF files are then available for each type.

If you cannot find the exact type you are looking for then please contact our sales office at as our range is constantly expanding

For more detailed information regarding crystal parameters please click the Technical Info. Tab.

Through Hole

Image Type Range Size Features New* PDF
EC22 0.1-1000uH Low cost axial PDF
EC24 Low cost axial PDF

SMD Moulded

Image Type Range Size Features New* PDF
MF322522 180nH – 220uH 1210 Moulded ferrite Yes PDF
MF453232 180nH – 820uH 1812 Moulded ferrite Yes PDF

SMD Ceramic

Image Type Range Size Features New* PDF
WC0402 1.0-68nH 0402 General purpose Yes PDF
WC0603 1.6-470nH 0603 General purpose Yes PDF
WC0603P 1.6-24nH 0603 High Current Yes PDF
WC0805 2.7-2700nH 0805 General purpose Yes PDF
WC0805S 1.8-1000nH 0805 Low profile version Yes PDF
WC0805Q 1.8-51nH 0805 High Q type Yes PDF
WC1008 4.7-15nH 1008 General purpose Yes PDF
WC1008S 3.3-560nH 1008 Low profile version Yes PDF
WC1008Q 3.0-100nH 1812 High Q Type Yes PDF
WC1206 6.8-1200nH 1206 General purpose PDF

SMD Ferrite

Image Type Range Size Features New* PDF
WF0805 0.12-10uH 0805 Moulded ferrite Yes PDF
WF0805S 1.0-22uH 0805 Low profile 1.0mm high Yes PDF
WF1008 0.12-100uH 1008 Yes PDF
WF1008P 1.0-33uH 1008 High current Yes PDF
WF1210 0.1-470uH 1210 PDF

New* = Recommended for new design

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